In 1950, David N. Cybul found his own firm and became known for his involvement in industrial, food processing, and cold storage facilities. David quickly established himself as an architect which focused on client objectives, functionality, and feasibility. David was quickly admired in the industry and was recommended to work on many projects in this architectural niche.

In 1979, David’s son, Martin Cybul, joined the firm and renamed the firm to Cybul & Cybul Architects. Through Martin’s outlook, the firm morphed it’s portfolio and accumulated a diverse set of building types; which includes municipal, civic, high-rise apartment, urban planning, and interior design projects. A very unique project was a high-tech car wash for Chelsea which the firm was awarded the Silver medal from the AIA New Jersey in 2002. Working alongside David, the firm’s professional objective was to excel in architectural design; every project’s common focus is to incorporate attention to detail, form, scale, and function.

In 2012, the firm inducted Oliver Wilhelm as a partner and renamed the company to Cybul Cybul Wilhelm Architects. With the addition of Oliver as a partner, the firm has steadily grown its clientele and expanded its attention to energy efficiency. Both Martin and Oliver remain as pioneers in the design of sustainable, cost effective, and aesthetically intricate architectural designs.