Sustainability Projects

Green Architecture in New Jersey and New York

Sustainable architecture has become a standard expectation in design and construction fields. Green buildings in New York & green buildings in New Jersey are efficiently utilizing Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines to create highly efficient designs that protect the environment. Through avenues such as controlled energy and water consumption, reduction in construction cost, commitment to environmental services, CCW architects has designed buildings that are not only effective but environmentally friendly.

Cybul Cybul Wilhelm Architects plays a key role in being a green architecture firm in New Jersey by providing resourceful design and developing LEED buildings in New Jersey & New York areas. Cybul Cybul Wilhelm Architects has extensive experience in fulfilling client’s needs and being sustainable environmentally and economically.

Since 1979 Cybul Cybul Wilhelm Architects has been in the forefront of sustainable and energy saving design for industrial, commercial, distribution facilities, and processing plants. CCW Architects was one of the first firms to recognize the value of energy reduction through creative design for these facilities. Over the course of 20 years, CCW Architects has developed variety of successful sustainable projects such as Bindi Kearny, Greyston Bakery and now The Green Manufacturing Center in Brooklyn Navy Yard. The Green Manufacturing Center in Brooklyn Navy Yard is being proposed to be the first LEED building in New York by Cybul Cybul Wilhelm Architects.